Brainy Bunch DAP Update -Karla.Ru & Ash.P


My name is Karla R. and My partner is Ashwara P.

Here is our project update. Hope you enjoy

Project Update Video Part 1

A diagram of our prop Part 2


One thought on “Brainy Bunch DAP Update -Karla.Ru & Ash.P

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  1. Hello Brainy Bunch!
    Team Flo was very impressed with how professionally you presented your project! We feel we got a very good rundown of your focus (your problem and solution). We think it is amazing that you are creating something for pregnant women in discomfort! We have some questions that can maybe help you in your BIG presentation: Exactly where will your device be implemented? How will the device be used (how will it be put on)? Well, we think it is great that you are getting feedback from pregnant women to better your device!
    -Celeste O.

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