Silex-Go On A Mission To The Solution! -Alexis and Sierra (Silex)

We got the idea of our solution from our teacher who had brought up how we could make a social media page. Since the Mother’s Milk Bank already has an instagram page, we thought it would be smart if we just made posts for the MMB to incorporate on their instagram page. Hopefully you all see where we are in our project and understand why we are doing this. Enjoy our video! -Silex

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  1. Hello, Silex!
    Team Flo must say we are very impressed with how detailed your solution is and how informed you are on your problem. We felt your passion for the subject come off through the video. We have some questions: Who exacly are you contacting for the testimonials? Are they African American mothers who have accepted breast milk from the milk bank? How will you approach them? And finally, how do you know your solution will work? Team Flo will be looking foward to how you solve your problem, and what steps you will be taking next.
    -Celeste O., Izzy V., Thalia G.

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