Finding Solutions-Vanessa M.

Hello my name is Vanessa and I am part of the group BeLieVE joined with Bella, Lilly, and Enalisa. For our project we have partnered with the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas which focuses on trying to make awareness of maternal mental health and more specifically perinatal mood disorders. We are also working on providing information that is not only informing adolescent mothers but also their families as well as health professionals.

We will bematernal-mental-health-conference presenting our solution at the Texas Maternal Mental Health Conference on April 27-29, 2017, where doctors and parents will attend to gather more information to better inform themselves on this problem. Our group has brainstormed many ideas some being great and others not so much, These ideas weren’t as interactive and we wanted them to help raise awareness. The final idea we decided on to help solve our problem is making a simulation where the guest are faced with certain problems and decisions that will then lead to an outcome of your decisions. We thought this would be a great idea because it would be more interactive.




Our group is currently working on two different types of mental health disorders that are anxiety and mood disorders. We are incorporating them into infographics which will display symptoms that might determine if the mother might be experiencing one of these disorders. We will be using these info graphics to hand out to the parents, mothers and health professionals.

So far this project has been a good experience because we were able to work as a group in order to come up with an idea our group saw most fit. We have had struggles in the process but we have overcome them with new learning experiences. I know that BeLieVE is going to do great and is gonna be prepared for the Texas Maternal Mental Health Conference.


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