Twist? Pattie A.

Hi! I am Pattie A. from Team Flo! As the semester has progressed, our collaboration and work with the Mothers Milk Bank  in Austin has done nothing but improve each time. At the beginning of the semester, the members of Team Flo and I were quite nervous and hesitant about dealing with such an important organization due to the fact that our impact would either harm or improve the workflow of the milk bank.

As the weeks progressed, we did our fair research about the MMB and their mission, help aid mothers and preterm babies receive the milk needed in order to nurture in the healthiest way possible. Thousands of mothers across central Texas are unable to produce breast milk for their child, therefore turning to milk banks. Partnering up with the Mothers Milk Bank has been an honor and our mission is to design and create a brochure that helps allow mothers understand the process and layout of the bank, opening up a higher comfort zone between the mother and the facility.



Mothers Milk Bank



At the beginning of the semester, we thought we were going to design a floor plan for the new facility which would allow a higher work flow and faster production of milk, producing more milk than the facility had been producing at their current location. As we visited the new facility, along with the two members of Silexi, we learned that the floorplan had already been designed, which lead to our switch in project, brochure. Our first reaction was frustration, as we had put a lot of effort into the multiple floor plan ideas we had, but the frustration quickly lead to relief, as we knew that the staff at the bank knew more on how and where everything would best fit than us.

Currently, we have no set design for our brochure, but an online 3D model in which anyone is able to click a machine and read a bit of its function would be very informative, almost like an interactive app! We are trying to stay away from a basic brochure as we all know that it is in the human nature to ignore or skim large bodies of text.


3D Design



We are close yet far to being done, as we have changed our project. We are familiar with the functions of each machine, which saves us time and allows us to focus more on the informative “ brochure”. I am really looking forward to the final product and though we have changed our project, I am still confident our impact will be high.

If you are looking forward to hearing about our process more, check the other posts from Team Flo.

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  1. Great job on your blog post! I understand how frustrating it may be to have to basically start all over with a solution for your problem. However, I believe you and the rest of Team Flo will do a good job with your brochure idea. I like how you are taking your brochure a step further and making into an interactive app. I would have never thought to do such a thing. I wish the best to your team and hopefully your brochure greatly benefits the Mothers Milk Bank! -Sierra G.

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