Giving Beauties their beauty sleep-Natalia V.

Imagine a mother that’s  having problems falling asleep after putting the baby to sleep she still can’t go to sleep she’s trying to get help and she can’t find the solution to her bad sleeping quality, What would you do if you were in her situation?

Me and my partner took on this challenge to find the solution to this type of problem that not only one but many mothers have. Me and my group are working with Austin Prenatal Yoga specifically how to help mothers that gave birth with their sleeping quality and being able to use mindfulness by using yoga. Furthermore me and my partner Jennifer have researched more about mothers who have postnatal insomnia is an issue that when an exhausted mom, one who desperately needs rest, is unable to sleep even though her baby’s sleeping. As well postnatal insomnia has been linked to postpartum depression in which that’s another reason why we took the challenge to find a solution towards this problem.

Taken by Me



An update on what me and my partner, The Sleeping Beauties, have been up would be that we have been going through many possible solutions to solve this problem. We created a survey that was sent out about the sleep quality to mothers that our organization Austin Prenatal Yoga sent out to for furthermore information. The survey was specifically mothers that been through or are going through postnatal insomnia and gave us ideas to our problem solving. We are in the progress of analyzing the surveys. You may be wondering, how does yoga help mothers with their sleep quality? Me and my partner have the idea of a meditation class videos for the mothers at home to feel more relaxed, less stress, and would be able to fall asleep in less than 30 minutes that’s the would be the outcome towards having this meditation class videos for the mothers to go through this postnatal insomnia phase that could less likely lead to depression.

In conclusion, I have learned so much more than what I used to know about how this an issue that is very serious of mothers getting their sleep could lead to bigger conflicts towards their lives and how yoga works to help mothers as a key to solve this issue. Overall, The Sleeping Beauties will find a way for the actual sleeping beauties of mothers out there that are going through this problem.

Austin Prenatal Yoga

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