APRC Update -Prisila S.

Hello, welcome back to my blog, my name is Prisila. My group members are Claudia and Crystal. We are working with the Austin pregnancy Resource Center (APRC)with the reorganization of their resource closet. Today,  I will be updating y’all on the progress of our DAP project.  It gets quite difficult at times, but when we have a breakthrough, it’s a great feeling.

APRC Closets 3
This is a picture the APRC provided us with after their clean up day. 

These past couple weeks have been a little stressful. My group and I had come up with a few ideas that were later turned down because the APRC had already tried it in the past, and it wasn’t a good way for them to keep track of their donations. We have talked to different people to try to figure out different ways to organize and to keep track of donations.


My group and I talked to our assistant librarian, Ms. Mayo, so we could understand the way the library organized the books. Ms. Mayo told us about how the books were placed inside the library. She also told us about the digital program they use in the library to keep track of when the books leave and come back into the library.

We also talked to Savers: Second Hand Used Clothing Shop to see how they sorted and kept track of their donations. They told us how everyday they have different people sorting out different things from their pile of donations. After that, they keep track of their donations by weight, so they weigh out they donations to know what things they have to sell.

We gathered this information in hopes that it would help is out with creating a system to help keep track of the donations that come into the APRC. Also, we wanted a bit of inspiration in creating a system to distribute the resources. As of right now, the resources are distributed by having the mothers go into a boutique and choosing out the items that they need with the help of a volunteer. My group and I wanted to see if we could come up with a better system to distribute the items.

My partners, Claudia and Crystal, are still a little confused with the concept of the boutique and the resources closets. I understand the system because I went to go visit the APRC, but they did not. In order to understand, my partners have to take a trip to the APRC to see how it looks like. Crystal and Claudia will take a trip to the APRC this following Tuesday, March 28th. I’m hoping that this trip will put us all on the same page so we can come up with an organizational system in the month we have left.

Thank you for reading my blog post, we will keep y’all updated!

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