The key to life after pregnancy -Angelica G.


Hello, my name is Angelica, and my group name is G.O.A.L. We are working with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center(APRC). The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center is a non profit organization that helps mothers and pregnant women with any help they may need before or after the pregnancy. This useful organization helps pregnant women by assisting them with any aid they may need after the pregnancy such as clothes either for them or the baby, or during the pregnancy such as information for good nutrition and any other questions that mothers may have .

While this is very useful, there is a reoccurring problem, mothers continue to come back to receive more help.

Our teams goal is to help APRC by working with their mentorship program and create a product that the mentors can use to be able to guide mothers into what to do after the pregnancy. By doing so, it will help mothers in finding more assistance so that they won’t have to keep returning for help from the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center.

Our product will have different types of information and sections that could be useful to mothers. Some of the categories that we have are; governmental and financial assistance, how to get a citizenship if they don’t have one already, housing, and jobs, and health insurance. Under these categories we will have subcategories that will be more specific. We will also have the descriptions of each category, the contact information, and any requirements.

We have divided our work equally and have been in touch with APRC asking for their opinion and updating them on what we think would be more helpful for the mentors to use in order to get the information out the mothers. After brainstorming different ideas on how we could get all of our information together and how make it easy to access, we have decided to set forth with gathering information and then transferring it to a WordPress account for the mentors to show the mothers.

What I have done so far is gathered information about the Financial Aid  which include information about how to receive help from the government for health insurance, the TANF program which is financial assistance for families,  WIC, Medicaid and Chip and other resources that will be able to help mothers with assistance that lie under financial and health assistance. I have gathered contact information for each different resource, the requirements for each one, and a small description to why each is helpful.

While working on this project I have enjoyed being able to work with this organization and be able to learn more about things that could be useful in the future or to teach anyone else that may need assistance.




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