Since we started our D.A.P project a lot has happened and many decisions have been made. We, the METACHICKS were quite confused as in the direction we were heading, we didn’t really know what it was that we wanted to create to help mothers  that suffer from perinatal mental health and the organization, The Pregnancy and Postpartum Alliance of Texas. We wanted to create an art project that will benefit everyone not just us.

In the beginning we didn’t have many ideas for our intellectual art project, or at least something that  fulfilled our expectations. We researched quite a bit in search for the best idea possible but nothing was enough. We then sat down and brainstormed what our “problem” was and created a problem statement which guided  us in our journey to finding an art project that will help us solve our problem. Which helped us come up with  three art project ideas, which we eventually had to narrow down to one idea that everyone who is  part of the METACHICKS agreed with. We had ideas to paint or write on a manikin, to paint on canvas and the one we finally decided on  a t-shirt quilt inspired by the AIDS quilt.

We will attend a conference and the attendees will have the chance to participate in our project. We will give each participant a infant t-shirt, which will be color coordinated and each color will represent the experience each person has with Perinatal Mental Health, each person will have the chance to pick a color and in their t-shirt they will be able to draw what they know about perinatal mental health. As each participant finishes their shirts will will be connecting them and making a t-shirt quilt about perinatal mental health. Our t-shirt quilt idea still has many factors that have to be thought about but we are sure that this is the idea we wish to expand on.

Personally, I feel like we have made huge process since we were first assigned this project. When we were first brainstorming art project ideas it took us a while to come up with one that we truly liked. And honestly when we started this project I felt like we weren’t going to be able to come up with a project that I will become passionate about, but I was wrong. The art project idea that my team and I have come up, I believe is truly incredible and even though I had my doubts at the beginning or the project I can now assure you i’m more than excited to see the outcome of this project.


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  1. Litzy, it sounds like your group is set on a solution that needs to be developed which you have time for. The process in which you decided on a specific idea sounded like a lot of brainstorming and cooperation since ‘art’ has a large spectrum. I find it interesting that you are using art to bring awareness to a problem and I hope that you raise enough awareness in which the government realizes they need to provide funding for prenatal mental health.

    -Claudia L.

  2. Litzy, y’all’s project sounds really interesting! I’m so excited to see how this turns out. i think it’s great that y’all spent some time brainstorming, that must’ve helped a lot when coming up with the final idea. This is a big problem that not a lot of people talk about, great job on speaking up about it.
    -Prisila S.

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