A Healthy Slice of Pregnancy -Nishi P.

Over the last month, more and more ideas have filtered through my mind on how to solve Sophie and I’s problem. There are currently no programs set in place at the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center to educate women to implement better diets during their pregnancy. This is a really big issue because proper nutrition can help reduce the risk of severe birth defects, such as spina bifida.

While a salad isn’t the only option for a pregnant women, it is a healthier choice. 

So far, all I have wanted to do is jump to a solution. There are just so many ways to solve this solution, but none of them seem fit. They all seem to have logistical errors, that will block us from using it. We have brainstormed over 5 different and unique ways to both educate and help women implement good diets during pregnancy.

In order to teach others how to be healthy, Sophie on how I first had to teach ourselves on what exactly is needed of a mother during pregnancy. Obviously, neither Sophie or I have ever been pregnant, so it is hard to work from a first hand view of the problem. We personally do not know the constraints and issues people face with choosing the proper diets during pregnancy.

While teaching ourselves about nutrition, we learned a lot of things about proper diets, some that we think a lot of people probably don’t know about. Such as, eating uncooked seafood (sushi) or certain types of poultry. The people we are aiming to solve this problem for, usually are not aware of these things either. Sophie and I are now faced with the obstacle of how exactly do we help raise awareness in a way that will get mothers to actually implement these proper diets. 

Here is a more in depth info-graphic about the food a pregnant women should avoid

The first step towards action I have made is by contacting People’s Pharmacy. When I first met them I realized that they are really interested in helping people choose good nutrition and helping the community. I realized that they would be the perfect group to help us solve this problem for the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center. We want to get information from them that we probably wouldn’t get from a website. Speaking to someone in person is an easier way for us to collect the information we need.

We have a little less that two months until we present our final project. From this point to then, I hope to have solved this problem not just for a single grade in a grade book, but for the benefit of the mothers. In my past blog posts, I stated that proper nutrition is something that I am really passionate about. I have always tried to get the people around me to choose the healthier option, and if I can get mothers to do so, I will feel accomplished.

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  1. Hey Nishi,

    Your blog post was very interesting and had a lot of information, I liked how you explained the importance of healthy nutrition for pregnant women. I felt that the images went very well with the message/update you were trying to get through to the reader. After reading this I wanted to ask if you and your partner had any specific nutritional diets for soon to be mothers? What are the foods that are healthy for pregnant women to eat? How do you plan to set a program in the resource center? The websites you linked were really descriptive and gave me a better understanding on how being a pregnant woman requires a lot of awareness and attention on what you are in taking. But overall good job on your blog post!


  2. Good job Nishi !
    I liked the poctures you chose for your blog post and I love the purpose that you’re trying to serve. I really liked your ending and commend you on including it in your blog post because I know that when a grade is attached to a project as important as this one, solving the problem can be obscured by the incensentive to do well. I also can relate to your second paragraph when you talk about wanting to jump straight in tothe solution because my group has struggled with that same problem lately. Your blog post was clear and percise while also maing me want to hear more about your progress in the future.

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