The Brainy Bunch takes Yoga!- Ashwara P.

Hello. My name is Ashwara and I am currently working on my cornerstone project with Austin Prenatal Yoga. My partner, Karla and I are creating methods and props for pregnant women to use while doing yoga.

When Karla and I were researching ideas for props, we came across 11 different ideas. Of course, we narrowed that down to three. We had fallen in love with all three ideas and were confused on which on we should pick. Our teacher, Ms.Meisner, had warned us not to be obsessed with one prop and try to see an angle of other ideas as well. From this, we made pros and cons for all three props, realizing that all our ideas were not really helpful for yoga. So, we were back to square one. But, Karla and I had initially wanted to create something using blocks and cushions. One problem, a hard block was already created. But, with our trusty thinking hats we came together to create and finalize our idea. .

We have planned to do a cushion block.The name for this prop is still being thought of, but it is very self explanatory. Like I said before, most blocks are hard and are used for stability. Our prop will help with the knees and wrists.Ms.Young, the founder of Austin Prenatal Yoga, gave us information on what they are currently using in class. She informed us that blankets are used as a barrier between the mother and the hardwood floor.From this, Karla and I decided to create a more comforting barrier instead of a thin blanket so mothers would not need to experience discomforts and pain. First, the top of the block will be made with a light cushion like could be memory foam. The second layer will be made with a more firm cushion, and the last layer will be made out of plywood.Plywood is a light and thin wood that will be easy to use and is not thick and heavy like other wood. We will make two pairs, resulting in four cushion blocks (for the knee and two for the wrist).They can be separated to do poses like Downward Dog, or can be connected using magnets, to create one long rectangle for poses like Cat-Cow.

cat cow.jpg

This is an example of Cat-Cow pose.This pose puts pressure on the knees

downward dog.jpg

This is a pose called Downward Dog. This pose put pressure on the wrist.

After finalizing our idea, Karla and I have to create measurements and buy the materials as needed. We finalized our measurements on March 6th, 2017. Now, we will go to Hobby Lobby, a craft store, and see if they have our desired materials. If not, we will purchase our materials on Amazon and start building after Spring Break.

I am very excited to go fourth on this project and see the final outcome. Karla and I are determined to help women in Prenatal Yoga and help them have more beneficial outcome in the poses that result in discomforts.

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  1. First off, I really enjoyed reading your blog post, I can tell you are very enthusiastic about your project. I think it is great that you are trying to make yoga more convenient for pregnant women. I’m sure that yoga is very beneficial for the mental and physical health of the mothers. I can’t wait to see how your prop turns out, keep up the good work!-Alexis M

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