First Look into CYEN – Elie. T

My group’s name is CYEN, Carolina, Yoselin, Elie and Naylie, for our DAP project we are working with the Mother Friendly Worksite organization.

This is the Mother Friendly logo found on a Baylor University website

My group just finished up making mini posters filled with different ideas of solutions for our project, we concluded on contacting someone in each worksite to set up an appointment to visit and to create a survey to hand out to the employees.

Here is a picture of my poster that I created for the ideas for our solution

Very recently in my group, we have gotten in touch with a new partner in the organization but that can only help us further in our project, with the help from the first partner of the organization we have decided to focus on four mother friendly certified worksites that are branches of Seton, which include, Seton Medical CenterSeton-Dell Children’s CenterUniversity Medical Center Brackenridge, and Seton Medical Center Austin Sports and Neuro Rehab. Each one of us picked a location that we wanted to investigate, which are listed above. We then searched for contact information on the websites, such as phone numbers that we could call and ask around for more specific numbers or emails that could accurately help us with making an appointment at each worksite to go see the workspace, get a answers to a few questions we have and give out our survey to employees at each worksite. However finding any number on a website and calling may not have been the best approach because we did hit a few dead ends in calling the wrong numbers and not really knowing what to say when we were caught off guard. For example while we were calling some of the first numbers, which were the front desk for example, some employees seemed as if they didn’t really know about the mother’s room or had little to no information about it. Also when we called the Seton Medical Center Austin Sports and Neuro Rehab, the employee who I assume was a type of receptionist didn’t know what the space was at all which then led to some panic in the group because we didn’t add that on our plan. Luckily though we were able to leave some voicemails to some helpful numbers that we found. Our next step as of right now is to finish up the survey we will be giving the employees, keeping in contact with our partner in MFW to see if there is anyone she knows of that we can talk to right away to make appointments. Also hopefully soon we will be going on visits to the worksites and collecting data.

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  1. Elie, your blog post was very well written and had a lot of good information. I really liked how you updated us on CYEN’s progress and also the challenges that y’all have run through. After reading I do have a few questions, what is the problem you are trying to help Mother Friendly Worksite with? Are you trying to improve the space they have provided for mothers, bring more awareness about the Mother Friendly rooms? What is the purpose of the surveys you will have the employees complete and what will you do with the surveys once they are completed? Keep up the good work!

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