We found it! by Emma W. and Story D.

 As we described in our last blog post, the problem we are trying to solve is that the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite does not know who their outreach advocates are or have a way to reach them, nor do they know what the advocates are telling the organizations in order to get them to agree to be certified or how the advocates are selecting which organizations for certification. We have developed a solution based on what we need to solve [the problem] and what the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite has told us they are expecting the end result to be [a list of who the advocates are and who and how they are certifying organizations].

  Our current solution is to contact the Health Departments and certified organizations (either over the phone or through email) to develop a list of advocates. Using the list of advocates and by gaining the knowledge of which organizations were originally contacted by the Health Departments, therefore narrowing down the list of organizations to just those contacted by the advocates, we can find a pattern in how the advocates are selecting organizations to be certified and then further learning what they are saying to the organizations.

  This will not only answer the question of who the advocates are but also give the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite means to contact them. It will also tell the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite which advocates are certifying which organizations and how each specific advocate (or groups of advocates) are going about the certification. It will also help the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite determine the pattern of how the advocates are choosing organizations to certify. This will also offer the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite more control over how the organizations are certified and which organizations are being certified.

  Ways that we will know that our solution was effective was that now that the Texas Mother-Friendly Worksite has this information they can implement it into their company. For example they will be able to include an Advocates tab on their website that will be a way to learn about how people are helping with this problem and also help other people get involved. This will also lead to a rise in advocates which will lead to a rise in the number of organizations to be certified annually along with new ways to certify organizations.


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