The Start to a Healthier Austin -Nishi P. Sophie W.

At the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center, there are currently no programs set in place to help women implement proper nutrition during their pregnancy. We want to help the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center set up programs to help their patients. Another group partnering with the APRC is helping to build the mentorship program. We are currently planning on collaborating with them to have the mentors educate the women on the benefits of good nutrition during pregnancy.images

Another aspect we discovered while researching this topic, is that women are choosing the cheap and quick food options, which tend to be non-beneficial or even harmful to their babies. Cost is something we are looking to help reduce by partnering with convenient grocers. We can inform these grocers about the alarming food habits of pregnant women and the negative effects these foods can have on them, as well as their growing fetus. We can kindly ask them if they would be willing to contribute to our cause. Whether that be by giving produce that hasn’t been sold or by donating extra

Time management is another thing that a lot of people struggle with. Whether that be teens or pregnant women. People often associate healthy foods with something that takes a lot of time. However, that is not the case. We want to teach these women how to cook around a busy schedule. The APRC is wanting to host a healthy cooking class for pregnant women. This would help teach women that healthy eating can be done with a tight schedule.

We can measure our success by performing case studies to see how many women change their diets after being educated by the mentorship programs. This will help us see whether or not the solutions we gave were beneficial to these women. Our clients desire an easy access to these foods as well as cheaper costs.

Overall, there are many obstacles and logistical errors that make achieving our end result even more difficult. We are currently brainstorming many different ways to achieve this goal and trying to account all the different roadblocks that we may experience along the way. We are both very passionate about the topic of healthy eating, it is something that should easily accessible no matter financial backgrounds.   

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