Outreach, Education and Connection Sierra & Alexis

Hello, we are Silex, Sierra and Alexis two biomedical students partnering with Mother’s Milk Bank to increase African American breast milk advocacy. Currently African American mothers are not accepting the donated breast milk. This is a problem because babies are in need of the essential nutrients provided only by human breast milk are not receiving it. Babies who are denied proper nutrients often end up in the NICU or even result in death. This is the outcome we are working to prevent.

Our solution consist of three key parts. These parts are outreach, education and connection. First outreach, we are hoping to host and educational slide show on the importance of using breast milk. This will take place in  in the hospital where we will demonstrate in depth the importance of accepting donor breast milk to the mothers and their families. Second education, we will compose a brochure/informational pamphlet which will be a condensed version of our slide show. The mothers will be able to take these to help them make their future breast milk decision. We can also have our brochures set out at Mothers Milk Bank. Lastly, connection. We hope to make a social media page that will consist of success stories of mothers who did accept the donor breast milk. This social media page is essential to our solution because it would serve as a constant informative reminder for mothers to accept donor breast milk and why they should.

We are hoping that our solutions will solve our problem. We are hoping to use our solution so that it will increase the acceptance rates of breast milk by African American women and inform the mothers about the importance of giving their baby nutrition-rich breast milk. We believe that our problem will be solved through our solution through our hard work and dedication towards the topic.

How will we know we have solved the problem? Since our solution consists of having a social media page (i.e Instagram), we will be checking to see if our number of followers have gone up daily and by how much. If the number of followers had gone up significantly, then we will have an idea of how we are impacting the women of the African American community. We will also know if we have successfully solved our problem by seeing if the statistics of babies, specifically African American, in the NICU have decreased. Since we will also be holding informational meetings/classes, we will know our problem is solved by seeing an increasing amount of African American women coming to the classes. At these meetings, if more brochures are being handed out, this will also be a sign that we are on the right path of solving our problem.

In conclusion, after our DAP project is complete we hope to positively impact the African American community. Increasing the acceptance rate for African American breast Milk will result in happier and healthier families.This will create more stories like baby Camilla’s whose mother chose to accept donor breast milk from The Mothers Milk Bank.

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