More ethnic diversity in Prenatal Yoga! H.A.X.

Hello there! We are H.A.X. (Hope, Andrea, and Xochitl) and we are working with Austin Prenatal Yoga. The problem we are trying to solve is how can we increase ethnic diversity in prenatal yoga classes at Austin Prenatal Yoga. According to a survey we asked our contact Ms. Young to do at the yoga studio she said that there is a majority Caucasian women who attend the classes. There are currently Caucasian 81%, African American 1%, Hispanic 7%, Asian 2%, Arab 1%, Indian 8%, and Other 1%. We hope that we can change this and encourage more women from different ethnic background to join Austin Prenatal Yoga. H.A.X. has come up with several ideas to help us solve this problem for Austin Prenatal Yoga. Currently Ms.Young only uses yelp, google reviews to keep track of the people who attend her classes and also for advertisement. We hope that we can increase Ms.Young’s way of advertising and getting Austin Prenatal Yoga name out there. When we are advertising we hope to meet all of the customers needs such as a friendly environment, have the classes affordable, have the classes in a convenient location, have the classes correspond with flexible schedules and the classes have to be beneficial for the women who are planning to attend these classes. Our solutions include making informational posters (advertisement) in popular areas and target minority groups. We plan to advertise in areas minority’s frequently attend. We hope that these posters can go in clinics and hospitals, grocery stores, and other places such as the obgyn. The posters will have facts and useful information about the benefits prenatal yoga has on pregnancy and on the mother as well. Another solution is to actually go to these minority communities and interact and do yoga with them, this will help the women who have a hard time with transportation to the yoga classes. We want to have a free session for the women who are interested in prenatal yoga and advertise  Austin Prenatal Yoga. We can measure our success by using surveys to measure the attendance of women and also measure the ethnicity of the women who are attending to see the changes in percentages of the beginning ethnic groups. Another way we can measure our success would be by creating a survey for  women to complete and ask how they were first introduced to Austin Prenatal Yoga. We can also measure our success on social media, we would look over the sites and check if there has been higher rates of visits on websites and more likes and follows on Austin Prenatal Yogas social media platforms. We hope at the end of this project we encouraged a larger group of ethnically diverse women at attend austin prenatal yoga sessions!

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  1. Great job on your blog post. I really did get a clear view of what your project is going to be, and how it is going to help other minority. For suggestions, I think that you might want to incorporate social media and digital methods in your advertisement so you can reach a bigger audience. If the advertisement is going to be like a flyer or poster, I think if you make it pop out by working with colors will help attract people’s attention. Great job, keep up with the good works! – Truc L.

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