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Seton Medical Center

As sophomores, we are responsible for creating a solution to a problem around our community. Our group, CYEN, has encountered the issues of, whether The Seton Medical Center, Seton-Dell Children’s Center, Breckenridge Medical Center, and the Seton Medical Sport and Neuro Rehab Center here in Austin, TX are actual “Mother
Friendly”sites. Having said this, we will have to


Image result for Seton-Dell Children's Center austin texas
Seton-Dell Children’s Center

investigate if these facilities follow the guidelines of what a mother friendly space is and whether they are being used? As a group who is devoted to help mothers be successful, we will take on the job of collecting data and help create a safer environment for working mothers. At the end of the day, mothers need to know that they have a safe and sanitary place where they are able to pump their milk whenever they need to.


The solution that we have as of right now is to contact certain the Seton Medical Centers as stated above in the problem statement and schedule an appointment to visit them. In addition to this visit, we hope to be able to ask questions such as, How long has your cite been mother friendly? In what ways is it a struggle to be mother friendly? Do you think your available space fits the guidelines? In addition to these stated questions, we hope to branch out and create questions in a greater depth of field. To go along with the questions, we would also ask if we could see their facility which will allow us to see for ourselves what their strong points are and if they have any room for improvement. Not only will we talk to the staff who work in each facility, but we would also create a google survey that mothers can answer about how they think the facility is doing, if they keep the place sanitized, and whether they knew about this facility when coming to this center. All in all, by being able to speak to employees at each site and seeing the sites in person, we will be able to create a better environment for working mothers.  Eventually, when we have collected all the data from the facility and the mothers, we will compare them to each other and see if the rules are being applied. This data will be presented to the Mother Friendly Worksite Organization which certified each of these organizations not only to inform the Mother Friendly Organization but also to make suggestions on how the Mother Friendly Worksite Organization, and Seton Worksites coImage result for mother friendly worksite posteruld improve.
We hope to collect as much data as possible that way we can have the best approach to solve facilities that are mother-friendly yet might not be following the guidelines. We would like to solve this issue in order to show facilities how they can better their weak points whether it is by having the organizations make posters that mothers can easily see in this space, or whether it be remodeling the space to make it a more sanitary one. At the end of this project we want for mothers to be aware of the space that is provided for them and that they know that there in a supporting environment and to know that they have rights.

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