Things that could change lives-Jennifer D.A. & Natalia V.

Welcome to our second blog post by Jennifer D.A. and Natalia V. we are the sleeping beauties. We are trying to help mothers who gave birth with their sleeping quality and being able to use mindfulness. Mothers are having trouble sleeping, which is leading them to feel stressed, depressed, and tired.

We picture our vision of success by having prenatal yoga and other creations of equipment to help reduce mothers from any physical discomfort and mental issues. We want to help mothers that are 6 weeks postpartum, fall asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed.

One of our idea’s for helping mothers fall asleep more specifically is for them to take an  hour of prenatal yoga. What can this do you may ask and help with? Well yoga can help you feel relaxed and feel  physically comfortable, while also having meditation involved. Our plan is to have 30 minutes of doing poses and stretches and then transitioning to 30 minutes of savasana to let their minds be free from anything that might be bothering them. Yoga allows you to calm down and meditation can reduce the chance of depression. Also yoga is considered as an exercise which is really beneficial.

There are challenges that mothers go through after giving birth could be emotional and physical that needs to be take care of, although it’s important to care for the baby, mothers also have to take care of themselves. The mothers can use the upcoming product to help with the discomforts the mothers could be feeling in their bodies. The product would be use to increase the physical comfort after mothers are done with yoga, it could be a tool for mothers to help them feel more comfortable. The product that the mother could use would be for the discomforts they may feel while going to sleep.

Our current plan for solution is to get mothers to use yoga that are 6 weeks postpartum to reduce stress and increase physical comfort to fall asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed by creating a product and using mindfulness that the mother could use to fall asleep less than 30 minutes.


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