Focus of Our Vision-Pokemoms

After studying the topic of pregnancy for the past couple of months in our biomedical innovations class, we have received the chance to partner with a local organization that is in need of our help. We have partnered with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center which is an organization we have taken some time to get to know. This organization offers many resources such as baby formula, diapers, clothes, household items and much more, that benefit mothers who may be in an economic crisis and need help providing for their children. As of now, APRC has some resource closets that hold all of the items they provide but are in need of organization.  

Due to the lack of organization, it has been very challenging for their volunteers and clients to find and sort out items, or even know what other items they have available.


We are hoping to improve the mental stability of pregnant women who feel anxious about having a baby and don’t know the “do’s and don’ts” of pregnancy. Some women who are expected feel like they lack the money or materials to give their baby the best life possible need the mental support. Once they feel like they have a support system, they will feel confident in the decisions they’re making in regards to their baby like how they want to feed the baby, if they want a crib, and what’s food they need to eat that will not only benefit the baby’s health, but theirs. If the APRC develops a system that will keep count of what they have, this will benefit the women when making decisions regarding their pregnancy and the life of baby.  


In order for APRC to get assistance on their resource closets of donated items we have come up with a couple of ideas we want to offer them to come up with a convenient organization system that will serve them to successfully organize and find items that are donated and will be given away to those mothers who need them. We came up with the idea that we need a system that can record all the donations that are coming in. With this system, the volunteers will be able to know what is available in the boutique and they will also be able to document what they give away and still have. After visiting APRC, it’s in our knowledge that they have a boutique along with three resource closets. We thought that one possible system could be that each room is dedicated to storing certain items. For example, since there are three closets, one closet can contain all the items that are needed during the early stages of the baby’s life like food, such as gerber and baby formula and baby bottles, along with diapers and wipes, and breast pumps. Another closet can store all of the clothes sectioned off by age by separating baby, toddler, and maternal clothes and maternal clothes. The third room can store all the household items, strollers, baby carriers and toys, which can be organized in shelves.

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