Brainy Bunch Makes Process!

Hello! Our names are Karla Ruiz and Ashwara Pillai and we are called the Brainy Bunch. We have chosen the path of prenatal yoga because we want to help the mothers that brought us into this world and encourage them to stay mentally and physically healthy while they are nurturing the beautiful new life inside of them. We feel that it is important for everyone to take a minute to be mindful, even more so when pregnant.

Pregnant mothers do yoga to relieve stress and tension in their body. Prenatal yoga can also make it less difficult for childbirth, which can be very helpful to mothers. When a mother is pregnant, their center of gravity changes making it difficult for them to perform many of the stretches and activities that yoga contains. We are hoping that the outcome of our project will help these women overcome the challenges, by making efficient modifications to increase their strength and endurance of muscles for childbirth and for carrying the baby itself. We hope to make props that is needed for prenatal yoga, like methods involving blankets and bricks.

Our vision of success is knowing that a mother is comfortable in prenatal yoga, is relieving tension, and connecting with her baby. With the help of our ideas, we hope to help pregnant women by helping them with their change in gravity and make their pregnancy more efficient in their daily lives. Yoga can be used for many things including stress relieving and mindfulness. We want to give back to the mothers that gave us this life, and we hope to achieve that with our creative mindset and imagination. This might take time to create and build props, but we are determined to help pregnant mothers and their baby, for the long nine months.

So far, we have research information regarding poses, stretches and other activities that occur in prenatal yoga. We have also been enlightened with personal information from a prenatal yoga instructor who has a direct insight to what the mothers want and need. With the information we have been provided with and the information that we have collected, the conclusion can be made that the best type of prop would have to consists of three things:

  1. Stability and security
  2. Allows mothers to have a full deep stretch
  3. Helps mothers with their changes of center of gravity

Our current status is that we have decided to modify/create a new type of prop that helps mothers stretch their hamstrings and arms, which are the muscles that have a lot of tension. Given that the arms are doing a lot more work due to their new level of exhaustion (which prenatal yoga helps with). Although we have not decided on a official prop, we have brainstormed many ideas and are narrowing them down to two final options. The way we will decide on a solution would be by listing out the pros, cons, prices, materials, and portability for both of the props and decide which one has the best qualities for the mothers. Our plan is to have a final idea of a prop by 2/22/17, and start elaborating the idea of the new prop!


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