Catching Poké-moms

There are many things that incoming moms have to worry about. Staying healthy, eating certain foods that will affect the baby’s development, frequent doctor visits, and so on so forth. The last thing we want mothers to worry about is not having the access to resources that will help them throughout their nine month roller coaster. Our team, Crystal R., Prisila S., and Claudia L., will be using our knowledge of pregnancy to get involved with the APRC. Our team name, Poké-moms, was a fun youthful way to express how we think moms should feel about pregnancy. Pokemon is a challenge of a game, but with the help of the pokemon league and determination, Ash Ketchum (character in pokemon) becomes a pokemon master.
For our project, we will be working with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center. The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center is a non profit organization that helps women with issues that come while dealing with unplanned pregnancies. The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center helps women throughout and after their pregnancy. Their plan is to help women physically and mentally throughout their pregnancy. They help out women financially, spiritually, mentally, and with medical attention, such as sonograms. We hope that the number of volunteers increases as well as the amount of money the community saves when our project is complete.
The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center has resource closets whose purpose is to store donated items that would benefit mothers who are in need of those items along different trimesters and even after postpartum. The challenge they are currently experiencing that we are more than glad to help with is that their resource closets are in need of organization. They are struggling to find an efficient system to sort and find different materials because of the disorganization. With our assistance, not only will we make it easier for the volunteers to find items and know what is available, but mothers will receive the resources they need.
We feel this is an important problem to help with because mothers are not finding the resources they need. It is important to have the extra resources and help when you are dealing with something as difficult as pregnancy. Not only are the physical resources important, but having someone to talk to regarding mental concerns is important as well. This is an important problem to care about because you never know when you or a loved one could be in this situation.
Our goal is to support and build the community’s comfortably through this project.
We would like to make the lives of these mothers as easy as possible. We would like to increase the number of volunteers, in hopes that it will make an impact in the community. Messy closets may lead to messy lives. The Pokemoms are here to make a difference in the lives of pregnant women. We do not want women to lack the resources in order to have a successful journey throughout pregnancy and mother hood. Thank you forAgape Pregnancy Resource Center reading our post.


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  1. Good job on your blog post, I like how it is very descriptive and the layout is very organized and neat. I think you should include atleast one hyperlink to the main website of your organization.

  2. First I want to expressed on how much I love your team name Poke-moms. Your blog post is very well written, clear and short. I really got to see an overview of what you guys will be working on for the next few months. Our team is also working with APRC, and I’m also excited to help them out as well. I can’t wait to see the closet that you will produce. Good Luck! -Truc L.

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