The Pregnant truth by Litzy S

Besides the mother’s belly growing, other changes  also occur inside and outside the mother’s body. Mother’s stomach and lungs become compressed making harder to breathe and eat larger meals and not to mention the nausea and trouble sleeping but its all part of this amazing journey called pregnancy. 

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Look at this cute little baby! Do you know how it formed?

When becoming pregnant most women don’t really know what is really happening in their uterus. I personally have never been pregnant but from what i have learned it’s honestly a huge miracle. A miracle that will last you a lifetime. Before partners get child or their own a lot has to happen.  First conception occurs, this is when a male and women have sexual interactions and the sperm and egg meet. Did you know that millions of sperms try to fertilize the egg but it only takes one lucky sperm to do so. This sperm contains the physical appearance, genetic material and even the sex! Which is something mothers will not find out till three months of this beautiful journey have gone by. Once the sperm and egg meet then the nine months of beautifulness, nausea and lower back pain have started. The first three months also known as the first trimester, are crucial. This is when the baby starts developing the brain, spinal cord and the umbilical cord from the mother connects to the baby. In the second to third month the facial features and 90% of the anatomical structure develop. Something that truly amazes me, in less than 3 months the baby already has started developing most of the major structures needed to live all from a little meeting of the sperm and the egg. What struck’s me even more is that we now have the technology to know such things but back in the day women didn’t even have the personnel necessary to help them give birth, something that i learned from the book Get Me Out, by  Randi Hutter Epstein. This book is honestly one of my favorite books about pregnancy, it personally really helped me understand how hard it’s was for pregnant women back then and how far science has come. Before mothers didn’t have all this science to help them with pregnancy but now all mother or soon to be, do have the awesome science. Now once the first trimester has gone by, nausea’s are gone! And now the baby is developing its internal organs, the fetus can now hear and their eyes are still close. Also in the second trimester the baby’s senses become stronger and it’s beginning to breather. The baby is now growing stronger and healthier! In the third trimester. The fetus now beginning to breather, starts gaining some weight and by the 35th week the baby goes down in the uterus getting ready to come out.

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Pregnancy  is something that i found pretty  basic at first but now with the knowledge ive gained, im thankful that i know the pregnant truth.

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