Nine Long Months – Ashwara P.

What happens between conception and birth? This is probably the first thing that passes through a women head when she sees the plus sign on her pregnancy stick. First, there is going to be nine long months that she will be experiencing. It will be filled with discomfort, nausea, and pain, but in the end, its all worth it (even pooping on the table when giving birth!).

So what does happen between conception and birth? The answer to that is not simple.

In months one and two, the heart of her child began to beat, the eyes and ears are visible, and the facial characteristics appear. This can all appear in just two months! What happens after that? Well, in months three, four, and five, external genitals appear ( yes! that means the parents can find out the gender!), the brain and lungs also have rapid development. By then, the mother can feel fetal movement. In month six and seven, the eyes of the baby will open and the size will rapidly increase. The baby is also fully developed but it cannot survive outside the womb without medical intervention, this can only happen in week 28. Finally, the mother has reached the end of being pregnant, in months eight and nine. All the baby’s organs system are completely developed and is around 46-56 cm in size. She is now ready to give birth!

Being pregnant can be a great thing, but it can also lead to many risks. Warning signs can come from anything. If she has any vaginal bleeding, swelling, or fevers, she must go to the doctor right away. Also make sure to daily take folic acids pills, so the baby does not develop Spina Bifida or any other disorders.

What should a mother eat though? Whole grains, juice, dairy, fruits, and most importantly, veggies. Unfortunately, she must avoid chips and fat foods. Yes, cravings might occur, but try and limit yourself!  Even if she does eat healthy foods, she must exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Exercising helps reduce stress, tension, and body posture. You don’t always have to do squats or arm stretches, prenatal yoga is always an option. Do not drink or smoke. A pregnant women is harming their baby and themselves . I did not know how much alcohol can affect your baby’s systems until I came to biomedical class.  One cigar or even one sip of alcohol can change the baby’s life.

   Knowing what happens in nine months changed my perspective. Understanding that a body can go through birth, labor, and delivery amazes me. We were all once a tiny cell in a womb, now we are living a life. The body is complicated but being a women and becoming pregnant is truly astounding. Like Ms. Miesner says, “We were once a cell and now look at what we have become”.Image result for prenatal yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Healthy Foods









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