In Between Nine Months-Nayeli E.

During the summer we all read the book Get Me Out by Randy Hutter Epstein, In that book we got a Brief introduction to the history of pregnancy. Through out these four months we have learned the details of what happens during pregnancy. When I first read the book I was like oh wow I did not know that, that is  so cool and stuff but know that I know more about pregnancy it kind of scares me. I mean learning that you’re uterus is the size of your fist at first and then 40 cm in circumference at the end of you’re pregnancy  is kind of scary. Reading some of the post’s of when we were first reading the book I think we still have a lot to learn.

In between the nine months there is a lot that happens. At first there seems to be no changes but that is because the mothers body is starting to reshape its self to be able to support life. That right there is just the beginning and in just 6 days 1 cell turns into 200. In your first trimester you may experience morning sickness. The baby’s neurotube will become it brain and spinal cord. It takes about 20 weeks to tell the gender of a baby. A baby’s nub can grow into a penis or it can turn into a vagina. The baby’s heart develops in the first trimester as well. In the second trimester the baby  experiences brain and nervous system development. Its lungs continue to develop and. The baby’s eyes open I am not sure what it can see but it responds to light. In the third and last trimester the baby’s bones have developed. The nervous  system is still developing but is developed enough that it can control its body temperature. The baby starts to gain weight rapidly and takes up most of the amniotic sac. You’re due date has come at the end of the third trimester.

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