Before You Show It -Karla Ru

Fetal development is a very specific topic with a lot of numbers for many different aspects. The basic facts of pregnancy is that it lasts about 9 months, and comes with a lot of physical changes in the mother’s body. It all starts with conception-also known as “The Birds and The Bees”- when vagina allows the sperm to travel inside and fertilize the egg. Now we fall into the trimesters.

The first trimester may be a little messy (nausea) for the moms. Good thing is that it’s completely normal! It’s your body’s way of getting used to new amount of hormones and other changes in the body. It’s also beneficial to know that the 1st trimester is crucial to the health of the baby. This is the time to stop bad habits like smoking and drinking because it can damage the development of the Neural tube which can lead to defects like Spina Bifida. Prevent the things that can be prevented, right? New habits that you can start is eating healthy foods with good amounts of folic acid.

Recommended: Rest

The second trimester is a lot less messy than the previous trimester. Now mothers worry more about their own physical struggles or like Healthy Families BC says “a range of new


physical changes”.  Mothers start to notice some pain in the lower back to the weight gain, changes in pigmentation, cramps, heartburn and sometimes even some stretch marks. Again, all of these effects are normal for a mother. But you have to remember to know your limits of pain, and go with your gut if you feel something a little more than just a slight pain.


Recommended: Yoga

Last but not least, the third trimester. Let the amount of doctor visits role in. Since this is the last trimester, the doctor may do a lot of checking of the cervix and make sure the


baby is positioned the correct way for delivery. This is really important because the baby’s head needs to be facing distal to the mother’s head. But this is the time to be excited about what’s to come, because it’s coming close! 9 moths of waiting for a fabulous little baby
(which gender can be identified in the second trimester)!


Recommended: Childbirth classes


Looking back on what I have learned over the past couple of moths is truly amazing. I went from thinking “Who would want to endure the pain and suffering of childbirth?” to thinking that pregnancy is a wonderful process. With all the technology that we’ve developed to help mothers a 40cm uterus (wow!), and all the information we have gathered to sustain and create new innovations, it’s crazy not to think that pregnancy is amazing. I also learned that yoga is not just for people who are calm and quiet, but for people trying to strengthen their mental state like these new mothers. Overall, I have a more clear view on the physical and some mental, changes in a new mother

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