The Truth About Gestation -Nishi P.

Months one through nine are crucial to the development of a fetus. Every month, or even every day, the fetus grows and the uterus expands. The female body is able to house a fetus for 9 continuous, straining months and then give birth to that fetus. Over the course of many months the fetus will develop intricate body systems, hair, and limbs. The way a mother takes care of herself will reflect on the child. In the book titled: Get Me Out, it only refers to the period of giving birth and does not include anything on the gestational period, however this is a vital period and important in understanding points made in the book.

Each month a new body system forms. In the 9 months, the eyes and ears become visible, the baby(s) face starts to receive characteristics, the fingers and toes of the baby begin to form. External genitalia will appear in the 3rd month allowing parents to to know the gender. The baby(s) lungs will form, the heartbeat becomes audible, and there is rapid brain development. In the last trimester, the baby(s) accumulate fat, body systems finish developing, and baby is getting ready for birth.

The fetal growth

When a mother becomes pregnant, major internal and external changes are 100% likely to occur. For example, the milk ducts will rapidly grow causing enlarged breasts. The baby is going to be constantly growing and moving around which will place pressure on multiple major organs, such as: the liver, the lungs, and the stomach, In the gestational period, all most all organs will be forced upwards to make room for the uterus, that will quadruple in size. The pressure can cause serious discomfort.

This photo shows organs of a non-pregnant women and organs of a pregnant women

A mother shouldn’t have to be in serious discomfort for 9 months. There are ways a mother can help alleviate pain. When the liver (located on the right side) becomes too crowded, a mother can sleep on her left side to help alleviate the discomfort. According to the American Pregnancy, a mother should avoid rich, creamy foods and stick to dry foods such as rice to help morning sickness.

In my second blog post titled: Should You Have Trusted Your Doctors Hundreds of Years Ago?, I stated that having a child would be one of my biggest goals and that the book taught me a lot about pregnancy. I would have never guessed that pregnancy is so much more than I could have ever realized. Now that I know so much about the development of a baby and the process of birth, I think maybe having a child is further down the line than I had initially thought. I want to know more about pregnancy, if that’s even possible. Pregnancy is such an intricate topic and has many small details, but every one of those details is vital in understanding the growth and development of a fetus.

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