The Long Nine Months, Lilly A.

You might be asking, “What happens between conception and delivery?” You and your baby will go through significant changes in that time period. In the first trimester you will most likely experience nausea (morning sickness) due to a change in hormones. People believe that mausea can also be cause by having a sensitivity to certain smells, and  something from the outside world getting into your system your body has a way of getting it out, which might mean vomiting. Different things will happen to your baby during the first trimester (week 1-12). The baby will go through many changes. First your baby will become a zygote after the egg is fertilized, then your baby will become a “rapidly dividing ball of cells” which is known as a blastocyst. After becoming a blastocyst, your baby will become an embryo. The heart, spinal cord, and brain start to form. Body systems will also start to form like the circulatory system, and the nervous system. Other things that will happen in the first trimester are fingers and toes developing, genitalia will start developing, and facial features will start to develop.

The second trimester (week 13-27) this is an exciting time. During the second trimester you will finally know the sex of your child (if wanted). The eyes and ears are formed. The baby starts to store fat underneath the skin. You can see the hair, and the hairline. It is an especially exciting time because you will begin to feel the baby’s movement and he/she will start to respond to voices. The lungs and the nervous system are almost fully developed, and the baby’s taste buds will start developing. For mom, you might experience leg cramps, just stretch it out and drink water. You will also see your breasts grow getting ready for the milk. Stretch marks might begin to appear (some moms reccommend coco butter). You might experience Braxton Hicks contractions, the pain is usually faint and just getting you ready for the real thing.

The third trimester (week 28-40) this is also an exciting time because at the end, you will finally see your baby. For the baby their eyes will finally open, the bones are fully developed, the baby can start to detect light, and can hold a firm grasp. The placenta will start to provide antibodies for the baby to fight off any infection after birth. For the mom, you can experience weight gain, braxton hicks contractions (remember, just a warm-up), backache, shortness of breath, and foot swelling. Remember to rest and drink lots of water.

It is important to know what is happening in the different stages of pregnancy so you know what is happening with your baby and your body. You will be more informed and prepared about what is going to happen over the nine months.






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