Pregnancy- Andrea H-A.

What happens between conception and birth?

What happens in the first trimester?

The first month of pregnancy is said to be the hardest but the most exciting. You begin with morning sickness and nausea but guess what you’re going to have a baby! It all starts when the sperm enters and meets the egg in the fallopian tubes, to form what is called a
zygote.The zygote then travels down to the uterus becoming a morula that will them divide and become a blastocyst, and then becoming an embryo.By this point it’s week 4 and the placenta has already formed in a process called implantation and it will begin its duty to nourish the embryo. In week five the baby’s major organs begin to form such as the heart, brain and other parts such as the spinal cord. In week six the baby’s heart
begins to beat and pump blood throughout the body. Throughout week seven and nine the baby’s nose, ears, arms, legs, eyes and neck start developing. Your baby at this point is between 1-2 inches long. By week eleven your baby is considered a fetus and can now be easily seen if its a girl or a boy. By week twelve the baby has human characteristics and is growing fingernails and now is about 2-3 inches long.This concludes the first trimester of your pregnancy.  
First Trimester & Images

What happens in the second trimester?

In the second trimester from weeks thirteen to sixteen your baby begins to develop bones and urine. It now moves and you can begin to see his hair scalp form. At week 17 the body begins to accumulate  fat around the body. At this point the baby can hear and you’re halfway through your pregnancy. Between week twenty to twenty-seven you can notice hair growing and the fingerprints develop, the lungs are developing and the nervous system is developing also. By now the baby is around 9 inches.Second Trimester & Images

What happens in the third trimester?

In the third trimester beginning with week 28 your baby’s eyes begin to open. At this point your baby can survive outside of the womb with extensive care from doctors. At this point the baby’s bones are fully developed they baby can see light and it begins to grow rapidly. From now on the baby begins to get ready for birth.Third Trimester & Images

How does knowledge of pregnancy chan
ge your perspective on birth, labor, and delivery?

Knowing what exactly happens in every stage of your pregnancy makes you more engaged. You know what you do and don’t need to do and you prepare yourself mentally and physically for the changes your body is about to endure. From the Get Me Out  book we learned the history of birth and ways they tried to make birth easier for women and by knowing that and how your baby develops it makes it easier to choose the more comfortable way to birth your

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