Pregnancy and it’s Wonders- Angelica G.

You might be wondering how pregnancy works and how the female body can sustain another life inside her. In this blog post you will learn more about how the female body changes as pregnancy proceeds and why it’s important to know. You will also learn more about what one should and should not do and how to take care of the female body while it carries a baby.

The females pelvis is composed of four bones, two innominate bones  one sacrum and the coccyx. The two innominate bones  and the sacrum have limited movement, and the coccyx is able to move because it works as the passage way for the baby for whenever it’s ready to get out the womb. In this link you will find more information about the coccyx and how it can be affected after pregnancy if it seems to hurt more than should after a couple of weeks after giving birth.

The first stage of pregnancy causes nausea, morning sickness, and sore breasts. In the first trimester the baby will develop its arms, legs, finger, toes, and facial features. It will still be to early at this point to know your baby’s gender. The mothers uterus will very slightly grow, it will keep expanding as the weeks pass and the baby grows. By the second trimester the mother will be able to experience the baby’s kicks. The baby will also be developing its hair, and nails while for the mother there will be more pressure and it will become more difficult to breath. You might wonder why it’ll be more difficult to breath and this is because all of the mothers organs get compressed tightly together in order for the uterus to expand.


The order of the baby’s organ systems developing is; Circulatory, Excretory, Integumentary and Respiratory. The circulatory pumps blood around body, the excretory helps maintain homeostasis, the integumentary system protects the body from damage and the respiratory system helps the baby survive when it leaves the womb.

As weeks keep passing by the baby will continue to grow and the mother will find her self struggling more with her body. The mother will want to urinate more frequently because of the fact that the baby is growing and the head of the baby will be pressing on the bladder. This will happen around the third trimester as the baby prepares itself to leave the womb. The mother will also start to feel braxton hicks which is the bodys ways to start preparing to give labor. Braxton hicks are like mild contractions that can cause discomfort.

As the baby develops the mother should consume plenty of vegetables, drink plenty of water, and rest. The mother should also continue to exercise but avoid difficult tasks. This website will show how and what some exercises are, the benefits and what are some symptoms that show that you should stop doing them.


Image result for pregnancy exercises

After gaining knowledge about pregnancy my view on it has changed quite a lot. I realize that it is a lot of work and pain to carry a baby in you. I have learned about how the baby changes as weeks pass and how the mothers body changes along with it. At first I knew that being pregnant was a lot of work but I did’t realize how much it actually takes. Learning about pregnancy made me rethink wanting to have a baby in the future.

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