Let Me In- Bella Thomas

In the book “Get me out” by Randi Epstein,  the author describes the development of obstetrics throughout the years. She also talks about certain medical techniques for obstetrics such as the forceps. However I’m not writing to reiterate what she said but instead to elaborate on some things she didn’t and reflect on those facts.

There are many ways for a woman to get pregnant but only one way for sperm to travel to the eggs and that’s through the vagina. Once the sperm has burrowed its way inside an egg, the sperm and the egg cell will create a zygote. The zygote will then travel down the Fallopian tubes to form a morula that will latch to the uterine lining,finally forming an embryo. Within the first month this embryo’s heart will begin beating ,the nervous and digestive system will form and the eyes will become visible; all at 0.6 cm. During month 2 the embryo will grow to be 2.5 cm and brain with facial expression will appear along with the fingers and toes. By the 3rd month;the last in the 1 st trimester, the embryo is already classified as an embryo as fetus and  the excretory system will develop rapidly. At this point is when you can identify the gender of the fetus.

During the 2nd trimester the fetus will grow from 15 cm to 30 cm. In the 4th month there will be fetal movement and development of the integumentary system. in the 5th month fine hair called lanugo will develop, pre-mature lung sac development will happen, the brain will develop rapidly and the heart beat will be audible through a stethoscope. In the 6th month the eyes will open and the fetus will in crease in size , marking the end of the 2nd trimester. In the 3rd trimester the baby will grow to be 46-56 cm. at this point the fetus will finish developing all major organs and prepare for delivery.

While the baby is developing the body of the pregnant mother will change as well. Some
changes that will occur is the compression of the Lungs, Stomach, Liver, and Bladder. The milk ducts of a pregnant mother will also grow larger and her heart will beat faster. The biggest change that will occur in the mother will be the size of the mothers uterus growing from 7.6 cm long to around 56 cm long. All of these changes happening to the mother Image result for uncomfortable pregnant womenwill cause her many discomforts such as Insomnia, Hemorrhoids,  Lower back pain, Frequent urination, and heart burn.

After learning reading “Get me Out” and learning about all the other contributing factors that play in to being pregnant, I don’t want to go through all the pain of having a child. it also makes me think of all the women do go through that pain. But most importantly it makes ask myself, if it’s worth it.





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