A journey through pregnancy-Vanessa M.

Pregnancy is something that a mother looks forward to when they discover they are pregnant. It becomes a long waiting process from conception to birth. Many exiting things occur during these 9 months to the fetus while it is in the belly. Learning the process of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester changed my perspective on birth, labor and delivery. I learned about how the fetus develops and grows in just 9 months and I find that fascinating.


In the first trimester are three months. In this times the fetus grows up to 7.5 cm. In these three months the fetus heart begins to beat and develops a head with a brain and facial characteristics as well as the eyes and ears becoming visible and clear. The three different body systems that develop are nervous, digestive, and excretory systems. In the first trimester the doctor is also able to identify the gender because the toes and fingers are visible as well as their external genitals.

The second trimester the fetus has grown up to 30 cm. The integument system develops (hair,nails,skin)and toward the ends of the first month the fetal movement begins to happen. The brain rapidly begins to develop and through an stethoscope the doctors are able to hear the fetal heartbeat.

In the third trimester the fetus finishes developing, the organ systems finish developing, fat accumulates on the body and the fetus size is from 46-56 cm. In this trimester some discomforts the mother may have are leg cramps you can avoid this by stretching regularly to improve circulation. Backache can occur due to the extra weight which can be relieved by abdominal garment, parental massage, or warm or cool compresses to the sore area. Another discomfort is constipation due to hormones and compression of the rectum by uterus to avoid this drinking at least up to 8 glasses of water, or walking can help.


Going through these three trimesters are long because the fetus needs time to fully develop in order to be healthy. My perspective on birth has changed because waiting for waiting for the fetus to develop and knowing all the changes that are happening are so interesting that it makes being pregnant a journey.


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