Get me out using a C-section-Thalia G.

“It is unlikely to get sued for doing a C-section, but you are likely to get sued for not doing one.”(33)

In part 4 c-sections got my attention the most. How some people used to do their own c-sections because they did not have money or did not trust the doctors or “strangers”.  The quote at the top made me think. In the book said that after Florence Haseltine gave birth by c-section 15 percent of  babies were born in the United States were born by a c-section. And to doctors that was an epidemic because women usually gave vaginal birth.

To Haseltine, pregnancy was very much a pregnancy, nothing more and nothing less. This thought of hers is what influenced her to have a c-section. But I do not understand how a delivery compares to giving vaginal birth? I got really confused when it came to this but also what hysterectomies were. I searched up what hysterectomies was, and found that it is an operation that removes part or all of the uterus. But don’t women need the uterus to make babies? After this operation are women not able to make babies anymore? Is it the easiest way for women to give birth and that is why they do it? If it is the easiest way I would support them but at the same time no. If the myths that they talk about, of giving vaginal birth later on, that can bring complications are true then it would be a bad idea. I don’t think that should be allowed if it will be your first time to give birth because you will probably want more kids later on and the side effects could be severe for the baby.

“Once a Caesarean always a Caesarean”(162-163)

This phrase by Joseph DeLee has been said by my mother and some other of my family members. They say that once you get a caesarean you can not give vaginal birth because where your stitches used to be, could make the tissue re-open itself and can create complications for the baby as I already mentioned before.

I don’t get why women or people would think that the do-it-yourself cesarean would be safer than a doctor just because he carries germs. Back then it was sometimes a problem because it caused or could lead to serious infections, but even at one’s home there would also be germs there. No matter where you go there is germs. I can see that the doctors probably carried/ had germs from other of their patients that could be deadly germs and maybe that is what the patients feared. But would it really be safer at your house? Doesn’t bacteria spread? So the deadly bacteria could have spread all the way to her the house. Germs at this time were a big deal because they were still not in the time where sanitation was no longer a big issue.



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