Childbirth opinion -Jennifer Del Aguila

While reading Get Me Out I came across with some weird interesting information that had me thinking that it can’t be true because it doesn’t make any sense. It said, “He said one woman thought about monkeys during a drunken sexual escapade and her kids turned out hairy. On the other hand, an ugly man from Cyprus made his plain-Jane spouse stare at a beautiful statue during sex. Wouldn’t you know it? They had a gorgeous children.” (pg 8) In my opinion that’s not how it works, your child would inherit some of the mother’s and father’s genes and come out with some features of the mother and father. Your child wouldn’t come out gorgeous or hair or ugly just because you looked or stared at something while having sex. Because it’s basically like picking out features in how your want your child to look.


As I further read I came across something that said “Smart parents made smart children, but again, only if they did not have too much sex.” (pg 9)  This to me made no sense because I think that any child can be smart if they just practice in things that would make them better. Because basically any child is smart about something specific, but when they are really intellectually smart  they put in effort to be like that. I don’t think you are just born smart because if you think about you are born knowing nothing and through time your are slowly mentally learning in your own pace.


However, one of the things that I thought was very interesting was how they can tell if they were pregnant and what gender they were going to have either a female or male. It said, “He told women to urinate on a bouquet of wheat, barley, dates and sand. If the grains sprouted, you were pregnant. If wheat grew, it was a boy; if barely, a girl. (pg 9) I found that really interesting and weird at the same time in the fact that it was cool knowing what you were going to have but strange in how accurate it was in telling the truth, like is it true or not? As I further read it’s amazing knowing about much of this has changed throughout time. Now we have technology to tell you whether you’re pregnant or not, how many weeks you are, what the gender might be, etc. It so crazy how time passes by.


Pregnancy test

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