Should Women be Allowed to Elect to have C- Sections? -Karla.Ru & Litzy. S

Our debate topic has sparked much controversy between women all over the world. Women being allowed to have the choice to have a C-section seems to be one of the many topics that has people questioning their wants versus their needs. Litzy and I are going to be introducing our point of view and opinion based on the opposing side of this argument.

Many women choose to have a C-section because they don’t want to deal with trauma that comes with a natural delivery. But according to Thomas and Paranjothy, women who choose to go through with a cesarean delivery, were not informed about the complications that could have occurred during the delivery. This is one of the many things that women do not think about when deciding to have a C-section. Another reason we oppose the idea of women having the choice to elect to have a C-section is because statistics and Dr. Thorp show that the baby will have at least 1 medical problem. These medical problems could be a variety of things, it could be as severe as heart problems, breathing problems, infection, etc. Looking at an even bigger picture, these health complications can show and effect the family when the receive medical bills because of the baby’s necessary treatment and appointments. 

Complications in a C-Section


Another reason we are opposing this idea would be because it somewhat goes against what the doctors are supposed to do. Many OBGYN’s who deliver the babies only do C-sections when there is a complication in a natural birth, or it is too dangerous for the mother to give a natural birth. Referring to the ABC News, they have collected information from professionals regarding the pros and cons of having a C-section and a vaginal birth. Even before reading the list, you can see that there is almost twice as many cons to having an elective C-section than a vaginal birth. As I read through the article, I realized that in a C-section, there is a higher chance of the baby or the mother dying in the procedure. In no way does that sound good or even acceptable in my mind, or anyone’s mind.

After reading many websites about having an elective C-section, I have come to the conclusion that many women go through with this specific type of delivery because they are not willing to deal with the stress of having a natural birth. Personally,

New life, its their new world

this is a little sad. I understand that with any type of delivery there is stress that follows close behind. The sad part is that these soon-to-be mothers are starting off their motherhood being a little selfish. If they are properly informed on the many complications and risks of an elective c-section, they should see that a natural birth will not only be safer for them, but the child as well. Having a child is not only the start of new chapter in the mother’s life, it is the first chapter in the child’s life and it should be started off the right way.


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  1. I believe in a woman’s right to full informed consent. Of course let her know the risks, but let it be her decision. I think there’s nothing selfish about choosing a cesarean birth. Typically speaking, is a physiologically normal birth safer for a low risk woman? Absolutely. But emotions and individual needs don’t and shouldn’t always conform to statistics. You could compare this to breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Both are technically safe if done properly, but the biological norm (breastfeeding) is typically better for both mother and baby. However, there are women that choose (with or without medical need/indication) to formula feed from birth. There are higher risks associated with that, at least statistically, but for most, it’s the best choice for their situation.

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