Opinions Change- Andrea. H

Before reading this book I didn’t know much about pregnancy the only thing I know is what I was told about and what I knew about wasn’t much. This book taught me about the history of birth and the technologies that were in the early 1500’s and about all the pain and suffering all the women back then went through.

Before I thought childbirth and pregnancy was a natural thing and that women didn’t need all these tools and medicine and when I started reading the book I learned that women used special herbs and tried their best to get pregnant and most women women of color were used for experiments to try new ways of birthing.


When slavery began women’s bodies did not belong to them anymore they didn’t have a say in what happened to them. Doctors took that as an advantaged and used slaves as dummies to test new technologies. I believe that pregnancy and childbearing history was controlled by men who didn’t have a clue on what women experienced.
Now that I’ve read the book, I realize that being pregnant and having a baby is something we shouldn’t take for granted after all our ancestors went through and all the women who died giving birth or went through being a test dummies we should respect a woman’s body and respect the nature of giving birth and not try to change it with new technology.


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