Slavery Used As a Tool – Andrea

When I was reading chapter 1-3 Slaves Contribution To Gynecology I was astonished on how men back then thought it was okay to use slaves as their test subjects in experimenting new ways to help childbirth.

I believe that a women no matter her race, color, or ethnicity has a right to what happens to her own body no matter the circumstances.

I realized the severe circumstances that women went through especially those who were slaves that had no control over their body. They were seen as object and not as people. Also their predictions on that slaves tolerated pain better than white women was bizzard. img_8778

In 1808 “ fertile slaves sold for a higher price.” Sims who was a doctor used these slaves for his personal experiments to help gain new knowledge and technologies for women. Using women against their will was wrong but back then the law allowed it. Its sad to me to see all these women not get recognized for helping women today.  

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