Childbirth Over Time- Andrea H.

In the early 1500’s women weren’t allowed to get pain medicine especially women of higher class. Women back then had access to all types of information about sex contraception and everything to know about pregnancies so women were well informed. When women started giving birth in the early 1500’s they suffered through the worst pain ever and sometimes the birth got complicated to the point that some mothers or babies didn’t survive. When doctors came up with new tools not only did it lower the rate of risk during the birth but it seeded up the process so women didn’t have to endure pain as long.

Around 1800’s women started getting child bed fever which basically meant that if women got pregnant they were most likely to die. Women who got child bed fever suffered a lot during birth not only the birth itself was painful but knowing you’re probably going to die after increased the risk of the births.


Mortality Rate in Birth

As technology advanced medicine also advanced meaning the birth was less painful. Today women are able to get an epidural to help with the contractions which helps women with childbirth pain. When c-section was introduced women birth pain level decreased, doctors were able to reduce the birth pain and risks but the risk of getting an infection increased also.

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