Birth Defects & Abortion- Ashwara and Doron


Our debate topic is whether a women should have the right to abort the fetus knowing that it has a birth defect that could affect its quality of life.

We believe that women should have the choice. Our opposing team believes that abortion for birth defects is wrong and should not be done.

When it comes to the quality of life, a child with a birth defect should be able to participate in regular activities and not be continuously in hospitals.

We understand that abortion is a harsh topic for women to talk about but it’s the reality that some women face. We must understand that the quality of life for the child and parents is important. When a child is no longer living but simply existing we need to take a step back and empathize with how that family is feeling.


Having a child with a birth defect is a gamble in itself because of their life expectancy if they even survive birth. Its also risky because of the medical bills that will pile up and potentially hurt your financial stability. Low birth weight, hearing and sight problems, heart defects can be associated with down syndrome and this can make caring for the child expensive and difficult.  The health care cost for a child with a birth defect is 12 times higher in the first four years alone than for a regular child.

Having having a child with a birth defects will take an emotional toll on you. Say you just gave birth to your child knowing that their heart doesn’t work properly and having the child rushed off to surgery that will have a low success rate. Imagine that, it’s not a good life for either of you. We understand that a women is invested in her pregnancy the minute she finds out she is pregnant and we aren’t asking you to give up on the pregnancy if your child has a defect because it is important to keep hope for the times that your baby could survive and live a healthy normal life, all we ask of you is to be rational and think not only of your wants and desires, but think of your child.

I hope we have convinced you to think about others going through this sad reality and be on their side.

biomed 1biomed 2

A women has a choice, because it is her body; not yours

Ultrasounds can show a mother her baby. Ultrasounds can also determine the gender and the babies health. 


– Ashwara and Doron

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  1. Hello, I strongly disagree that women should be allow to abort a unborn that might have disabilities for many reasons but first of all people with disabilities can play sports and your statement about them being continuously in hospitals is inaccurate because like all people they have clinic appointments. As well there are some women that face with abortion due to their choice. The child may not be longer living due to abortion as well that will make the parents feel sad and that’s why not giving up on the unborn will feel like they at least tried to have a living life. Yes, I agree that is risky to deal with the health on the child but there are different disabilities that causes some “defects” even though we all can have diseases. There are help support with having a disability child due to to find more information on financial help. I agree that keeping hope is good and sometimes there are struggles as well as anyone has struggles but there’s always a solution into helping your child. Overall your blog post was good although you could have added facts but it was well written and I will be looking forward to the debate. Good work!

  2. I strongly disagree, I believe that yeah it might be her child but as a mother she has to consider that she has a human being alive inside of her. Like y’all say yeah it might cost a lot but it’s your child and as a mother you would do anything. As a mother you got your self pregnant and you shouldn’t just abort it because it has disabilities. Other then that I liked how your debating towards your side, really nice job. And while reading I saw a mistake where y’all repeated a word, so when y’all have time y’all can fix it.

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