Different Options?- Melanie A.

As I read Get me Out: A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein, the author mentioned about free birthers. I decided I  was going to investigate the difference between a caesarean section, hospital assistance , and free birthers.

Basic Diagram

What is the procedure of a caesarean section?

Usually caesarean sections happen when the baby has a difficult time coming out or the mom is having some trouble pushing it out and etc. The process of a caesarean section is that the obstetricians lines out the incisions on the uterus and abdmonial wall of the person who is giving birth. Then they cut and open the stomach to pull out the baby while the birth giver is under anesthesia, once the baby is out then someone is allowed to cut the umbilical cord and then the obstetrician removes the placenta. Fun fact: People actually eat their baby’s placenta because it is full of protein and nutrients, also you can either cook it with other veggies and etc or by taking it as a pill.

What is the procedure of a Hospital Assistance Vaginal Birth?

This is the most common way people give birth and it is supposedly much more safer than having a caesarean section. The procedure of having a hospital assistance vaginal birth is that once your water breaks, you are immediately to go to your local hospital. Immediately the doctors and nurses hook you up to the machine and etc.  You will start to feel some contractions that can last quite long as your cervix dilates. The final stage is when you start pushing and pushing until the baby comes out and then the umbilical cord is cut off. Later on, the  placenta is removed and the nurses clean the baby up and help you back into shape by giving you medicine and etc. The whole procedure can take about 14 hours.

What is the procedure of a free birth?

The procedure of a free birth is that the birth giver has no medical assistance while giving birth. They don’t necessarily have any medical tools such as a heart rate monitor, blood pressure, and etc.

In conclusion, I think caesarean section and hospital assistance vaginal birth are the best decisions to make because you get medical help from people who are experienced. The procedure of a free birther is a risky thing to do because I find it very unsafe and someone could get hurt through this process , and many things in general could go wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry!



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