Take Care of Yourself -Claudia L.

“Are the unassisted birthing women today any different? (185).”

Throughout section 4 of, Get Me Out, the idea of free birthing was mentioned quite a bit. I thought it was rare for women to give birth at home since all the new technology was created. I thought these inventions would make people feel safer about the whole birth giving situation, but I was wrong. From 2005 to 2014, “out-of-hospital births,” rose 31.4%, but this is including the assistance of midwives. Just the thought of having a baby at home with little to no professional help scares me. According to the New York Times, the freebirth movement has not succeeded which I find is good news. Although I find it more convenient for people to perform an unassisted childbirth back in the day since they couldn’t afford professional help or the worst scenario would occur and a woman would go into labor while being stuck in an elevator. In comparison to society now and then, I find that the current state of the nation is filled with DIY videos, internet, and advanced technology. Thus, giving it a safer reason to perform unassisted childbirths now. Although I don’t support freebirthing in anyway, having a child by yourself back then was basically just letting the force of gravity do its thing until a human was in your hands.

“The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is against all home births, even with a midwife (183).”

Why don’t these women take advantage of the technology and opportunities that we have here in the U.S? In South Asia, they struggle to find qualified anesthetists when having complications with birth. There were also very few blood banks which is a disadvantage when patients deal with hemorrhage cases. This leads to lots of deaths. According to Unicef, 30% of all women in India, alone, die in childbirth. In comparison to the U.S, there are more successful childbirths in Asia. Surprisingly. In 2011, there were 17.8 deaths every 100,000 births. According to CNN, the cause of the increasing rate for maternal mortalities is not because of the doctors or experts, but because of the health of women during their pregnant state. Not only that, but the cost of certain drugs that some cannot afford, but also women giving birth at older ages.

What has this new technology helped the high percentage rate of maternal mortalities? Do people need to create more technology for childbirth? Or, do women need to be more conscious about their health, mentally and physically?

“…women feel as if they were ‘no longer capable of safely carrying birthing babies without a lot of machines, tests, and interventions.” (196)


Childbirth in South Asia
Pregnant Woman thinking about how her health is going to affect her birth

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  1. I also found myself asking why people who do freebirths don’t take advantage of the new technology we have today. I understand why they think it is best for their baby to be born in a peaceful environment, but I don’t think it is best to risk your baby being born without any professionals around just in case something does go wrong. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Great Job!- Sierra G.

  2. I agree with you on the idea of free-births they just seem completely irresponsible and dangerous. I understand that mos people didn’t have a choice back then but now, when having health insurance is a law and technology is constantly advancing I don’t understand why women don’t trust medical professionals. I really loved hearing you opinions on the topic great post!

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