Different Types of Childbirth -Prisila S.

There are many ways to give birth. There is natural childbirth, waterbirth, Caesarean section, and many more. Natural childbirth is when you naturally push out the baby. Water birth is when the baby. Is born into a pool of water. Cesarean section is when you get a small cut on the abdomen and the baby is taken out. Although these methods are quite different, they all lead to the same thing: giving birth.

In the 1930’s, C Sections were not very common. Only 2% of babies were born through C Section. Later in the 1970’s, that percentage went up to 15%, “… and doctors called that an epidemic.” (154) As time progressed, C Sections became more and more common. By 2005, about one third of babies were born by C Section. In my opinion, C Sections are a very good way to have a child. If you have a C Section, you can avoid any tears or hemorrhage. These are things that Florence Haseltine was trying to avoid when she chose to have a C Section. Although people thought it was abnormal that she was choosing to have a C Section, that is how she wanted to have her child. At this time, women usually only had C Sections if it was necessary, but Florence Haseltine did nott want to deliver her child, she wanted the surgery.

Where doctors make incisions for C Sections.
This book was written to prove women can deliver their own children.

Another way women decided to give birth is by free birthing, which is when you give birth with no medical assistance at home. Couples choose to give birth this way because “… it’s healthier physically and psychologically for the baby to enter the outside world in a soothing, loving place without the glare of hospital lifts, noisy nurses, intrusive doctors, and meddlesome midwives poking about.” (170) For some women doing a freebirth is a way to give birth her way because many times during pregnancies women’s wishes are not honored. This way,their child will be born into a peaceful place the want they want it to be.

In my opinion, although it may be a little dangerous because there’s no medical assistance, freebirth is a wonderful way to have a child because all of the women’s wishes are honored and everything gets done the way she wants it. I believe childbirth is very much about the women and what she wants because it is already very painful, so she should get what she wants when she is delivering the child.

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  1. Prisila, I think your ideas on the different types of childbirth are very interesting. For one, it never would have occurred to me that people might have a C-section unless it was strictly medically necessary. Usually I would think that people would avoid an intrusive surgery like that if they could, so it’s neat to hear about a different opinion. Your opinions on free birth also surprised me simply because of how you still are very supportive of it, despite it nearly being the polar opposite of C-sections. It would be really interesting to hear more about how you feel about all the very different child birth options.

    -Kayla Z.

  2. Prisila, I liked how you began with the different types of childbirth methods and explained what they were because I hadn’t heard about waterbirth before. I also didn’t think women would choose to have a c-section since its a more extensive surgery and naturally. I liked your blog post because you based it on your opinions and thoughts and you were able to gte your message accross.
    -Vanessa M.

  3. Prisila, Great post ! I really enjoyed reading your opinion on free birth and i agree wit you. A women should get to choose how she wants her child to come into this world. Even if doctors recommend against it I believe a women know her body’s abilities and inabilities. I really liked how your post included pictures of the three different types of incisions made during a C- section. Awesome Post Prisilia!

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