Not easy – Litzy S.

Throughout the years many things have changed, a lot of things have progressed And the world is changing one step at a time or is it? When I first started reading the book Get me out written by Randi Hutter Epstein I had no idea of what it was like for women back then, I know I said this in my past blog post but it’s just amazing and horrifying how much women had to suffer to get us to where we are right now.  Now we have made some progress but it’s not the progress I imagine. When I first started learning about pregnancy and childbirth I was amazed on how much science we had around us and I thought that things back then must have been really hard for woman but I never expected this hard. I read a lot about childbirth and the science around it in the book Get me out. Some things I read in the book I was horrified by and others I was amazed and other simply didn’t impact me at all.  

Starting  to read the book was really hard lifting it up was probably the hardest struggle of my life. But once I picked it up I didn’t want to put it down.  the book contains so much information and so many stories and history of childbirth that I was amazed and wanted to  keep reading. In the first chapter  I realized a lot of things,  I realized how science hasn’t really changed or it has but not the way you wished it had.  I learned about what woman had to go through and how men thought about childbirth and many other things. What the chapter that really amaze me and kind of disgusted me was chapter number two, Men with tools. Here I learned about men and the tools they came up with not having the slightest idea of childbirth. For example the family Chamberlen. This family create at the 4 steps and they kept it a secret for a while. “ Many families have secrets.  most of them have to do with the crazy uncle or the embarrassing cousin. The Chamberlen  family guarded a medical Secret” (pg. 17)  It’s kind of horrifying how a woman will let a tool go into their body and pull out a living thing. Believe it or not that’s not the only  horrifying thing  woman did. Woman would also go to the so-called thing lying in. They would also start taking morphine, scopolamine,  a combination of both.  a combination of these drugs make birth easier or so it’s said.  woman would forget about the time that we spent in a delivery room  they will feel no pain at all. Many women did this for example Charlotte Carmody. “In 1914 Charlie Carmody sale to the mountain clinic in Germany to give birth to her fourth child….  while she spent her last few weeks of her pregnancy and conditions in the mountains..” (pg.78)

While reading the book, some of the things that I read that  women did to have a family was terrifying and it’s something that maybe knowing better from it something that I wouldn’t do. But for some reason I understand why they did it.  this book taught me a lot,  and I’m glad I got to read it. Childbirth isn’t easy but no one said it would be. It’s been a long journey to get us to where we are in science but it’s still not the end.

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  1. You did a great job going into depth about the history of childbirth and I can relate to the revulsion felt while reading chapter two. You expressed your opinion well while keeping it relevant to the topic and connecting all of it back to the book. The quotes are really well placed and explained. However, I have a question; what was your reaction to the experiments conducted on slaves? Otherwise, it was a great blog post. – Emma W

  2. I really enjoyed how you wrote your whole post. One point that I really liked that you made was why would women even let a doctor do those kinds of things to them. I know that now no one would let a doctor do that to them, so why did they do it back then? I was a bit confused at a point you made about how knowing more made you not want to have kids. (Am I interpreting it wrong?) I was just thinking that maybe the more you know it wouldn’t make you not want to have kids, it would make you aware of the precautions you need to make. Good job, Litz. -Nishi P.

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