The Evolution of Devolution- Isabella V.

First of all, what’s is evolution? Well, according to a quick google search, evolution is

“…the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth…”

So what is included in this process? We already know that evolution is what allowed us humans to stand up and walk around, but what about our technology? Is our technology also part of our evolution? I mean, our technology can allow a paralyzed person to stand up and walk much, like how we stood up 6 million years ago. I believe that our technology plays a huge role in our evolution. Our technology helps us explore more, and allows us to survive more extreme conditions. With modern innovations in our medical technology, our life expectancy has skyrocketed.

From Our World in Data

So let’s say that technology is a part of evolution, then why did the women in Get Me Out  decide to stop using technology and revert back to toiling through pregnancy methods without technology that were used thousands of years before? Women like Pat Carter and Laura Shanley made the decision that “free-birthing” would be the best idea for their children. They liked the idea of their son coming “…into the the world precisely as his parents planned-together with family and friends…” (page 169)

Many other species such as dolphins, elephants, birds and orangutans are able to give birth themselves, or have their friends help them give birth, as Laura Shanley had. These women who gave birth to their children without drugs or doctors said that they were happy and calm to have their babies slip out in front of their friends and family. But, as Randi Hutter Epstein states, there is a significant difference between us and the orangutans when it comes to giving birth. “When we stood up and got smarter a few million years ago, birth got tougher. Our pelvises got narrower so we could walk upright… and our heads got bigger to hold our thoughts. That made for a tight squeeze at birth.” (page 180)

From Royal Society Publishing

In my opinion, it is illogical for these women to want to ignore the thousands of years of technological evolution that brought us to the technology of today. It has been scientifically proven that it is more difficult for humans to give birth because of our evolution, so why would anyone want to go through the pain that the first humans had to suffer through? In a way, these women have gone back in our evolution because they believed it was more evolved. Being with friends and family while your child is being born makes it a beautiful thing, and can even make for a shorter labor. So maybe these women have done the right thing by trading their evolution for being with family. We never know, our evolving technology could risk our survival in the future.

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