Ups and Downs of Birth Giving, Even If It’s Not True – Elie T.

As I have started reading Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I have already had so many different emotions and reactions, such as confusion, for example, why men thought they can write books about pregnancy when they didn’t know anything about the process of how a (“good”) child is made or how their sperm is merely useless without a women, like in this quote about how philosopher Aristole thought the roles of a man and a woman have in the baby-making department.

” They also thought that men provided the life source that created the human. Women were mere baby-making vessels.” (10)

I also laughed at some points, not only because of the humor but because of the “science” to all the “right ways” to have a “perfect” and “normal” baby. I also thought it is quite interesting how Dr. Eucharius Rösslin believed that babies were “mini-adults in the womb.”

L0041837 Child in womb
Image from the book showing what the babies look like and are positioned in the womb, according to Dr. Eucharius Rosslin.


“Reading one fifteenth century birthing guide makes you think of an erotic game of Twister: Head low, hips high, left foot tucked under the hip, right foot extended, and have an orgasm at the same time as your partner. Was this done in the privacy of your own bedroom, or with a spinner and a bunch of your friends?” (11) …”The womb seemed homeless, wandering all over the body, bobbing up and down like a yo-yo.” (13)

I also got pretty frustrated, I feel that women did not get as much recognition back then even still today. In the beginning of this book it talks about how these men came a long and told women what to eat or do or not do and the correct way to give birth and wrote books about it even though they are not the ones that give birth or ever will, so how would they know what’s best? But it also made me realize how we started off knowing nothing about what a baby needs or the mother needs, and how men truly wanted to help but didn’t know what the clitoris was. We have come a very long way since then but we still do not know everything about pregnancy.

After reading some of the advice about when you’re having sex I did some research, because the idea of the uterus opening or closing due to the amount of pleasure from intercourse wasn’t too clear to me although it is now, after looking at Patient- The Female Reproductive System and at Your Cycle- Beautiful Cervix ProjectYour Cycle- Beautiful Cervix Project I have learned that the uterus dilates and contracts during labor and also during our periods but minus the dilating part.

I look forward to reading and learning more about the knowledge we have gained to better our future pregnancies and seeing how maybe women have stood up about some truth to our bodies.

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  1. I agree with you, I also don’t quite understand how a male can write books and pamphlets on childbirth when they haven’t even see a woman give birth, that concept is quite astonishing. I too thought that the idea of reading a birthing guide as an erotic game of twister was hilarious, in fact, I kind of don’t want to ever play twister again. Do you think that if women got more recognition for childbirth and all the advice they have to give about how to do it that childbirth would be more advanced than it is now? -Enalisa B

  2. Elissa I agree with you and Enalissa on how males can write books about childbirth when they haven;t seen a women give birth. I also thought it was confusing on how women are mere baby-making vessels. When really Men are just as mere without women, who carry the baby for 9 months and go through labor.- Thalia G.

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