From Eve to Sims-Alexis

The first section of the book refers to The process of Pregnancy and Birth from Eve in the garden of Eden to J. Marion Sims experiments on slaves. Everything in between includes the meaning of a baby’s Caul to the invention and use of Forceps. The story of childbirth begins in the garden of Eden when Eve ate the forbidden fruit and was punished with excruciating pain at childbirth. This background gave the idea that women deserved to be in pain during childbirth. The book also expands on the idea of Cauls (“a piece of amniotic sac” pg.xi) and that they have a special meaning for the child. In the beginning of childbirth, women had no aid while giving birth, they were on their own. “Sometimes midwifed learned a thing or two to tweak the process, but the books did not change.” pg.6 Later on in the history of childbirth, midwives became accessible and improved the process of birth giving. Later on in history doctors began take over the midwife jobs. “Suffice it to say, by the end of the 1500s doctors were beginning to bad-mouth female helpers as a way to make room for themselves in the female-only business.”pg.16 It was at this time when doctors began to deliver babies as is still done to this day. Later on it became known that the Chamberlin family had a very important tool that would be essential to the delivery process. For 200 years the family was able to conceal their medics tool (Forceps). The chamberlains were arrogant however preferred because they ensured a safer delivery. Between then and today other delivery tools were used such as a do-it-yourself forceps set that consisted of ropes that the mother could balance the forceps inside of her. Despite the success of forceps, many birth related injuries continues to occur in women. J. Marion Sims is known for conducting countless surgeries on African Women that were enslaved. “From 1845 to 1849 Sims operated on Betsey, Anarcha, Lucy, plus seven other girls, over and over again.” pg.43 Some consider his work to be amazing and a great contribution to today’s cures and others think his work was inhumane and racist. Sims denied his patients pain relievers during these painful operations. Though it was was believed that blacks had a higher pain tolerance he denied whites pain relievers as well. Sims would often deny whites his surgery because he did not believe that could undergo such pain. Personally I do not think Sims experiments should be admired because of the extremely invasive and painful experiments he conducted on African female slaves. So far I have really enjoyed reading this book and have found it extremely educational. I have learned different facts about child delivery that I don’t think I would I have learned other wise. I enjoyed parts one and two and look forward to reading onward in the book.

Sims conducts Experiments on enslaved women

How forceps were used 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I actually did my blog post to a similar topic to yours. I find it interesting how you viewed Sims experiments. I too believe that what he did was inhumane. -Sierra G.

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