Sick Baby or Real Baby? -Pattie A.


As I was reading the introduction and part one from Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein, I realized how blessed yet wicked this generation truly is. Today, we see ourselves as the all mighty when it comes to viewing the medical field, which is true seeing the progress and changes that have happened throughout the centuries, but due to the significant amount of technological advances, the human body and life has turned into a toy no longer with much value, bringing me to my first point.  

Today, one is able to create their ideal child, this meaning one can place him/her in sports, competitions, singing classes, etc as well as have control of who the child may and or may not associate with and finally, have the final word as to how their child may dress. As of March 2016, the United Kingdom granted permission to study and further analyze embryos, which I think is a great idea in a way. With this study, scientist will be able to see the progress of a fetus which could lead to treatments and saving lives at risk of possible death as well as help detect if a child will be affected by some sort of condition, one that is very popular, Autism. As the years have progressed, the number of children born and affected by Autism has significantly increased. Typically, one is to blame one’s genes for this effect, but as research has developed, it is proved that the environment and food a pregnant female intakes is also a risk factor.

Granted Permission – UK

Fast foods and sugary drinks is seen in every corner here in America. Everyone has been a victim of fast foods and some unfortunately tied to it. The consequences fast foods brings to a pregnant mother results in lack of nutrition to the developing child and the chemical changes (including environmental) hiring the chance of a/the baby being born with a disease (such as Autism) and or other complications. The average rate of newborn deaths is estimated to be about 11,300 yearly, placing the United States behind 68 other countries. People need to realize that self health is important, but health while pregnant is even more. Pills, detoxifications and other “healthy” things won’t always do a safe job, even a job. All these medications and foods a pregnant female intakes while pregnant puts the baby at risk, something not many people have fully processed in. Newborn deaths is not something new to the human population. Since the first pregnancy, to be of Eve’s, newborn deaths was/is highly common as well as miscarriages. Most of these deaths were/are do to improper hygiene, infections and some complications during birth. Compared to today, many deaths are due to the same issues, but improper health of a mother throughout pregnancy is to be added to the list. Thankfully, the number of deaths has been reduced throughout the years as we have learned more about the female anatomy as well as infections, possible complications and back-up plans, but is something that still strikes families till this day. The U.K. research is leading us to some new helpful discoveries, but it’s bringing us closer to modified fake babies.

With today’s beauty standards, many parents wish to design and create the “ideal” american child. A modified child can lead to serious medical issues bringing riskful treatments along the way, but since when is pregnancy an experiment? Today, the world’s population has increased significantly, but so have deaths. People at any age have died due to illnesses and life complications thanks to the unhealthy products promoted as healthy on the market. Because of this, many parents fear complications with their possible future children, therefore willing to take the risk of designing and creating their child.  As stated in Get Me Out, “When did pregnancy… become pathological…” (pg XIV- intro)? As a teen, I have seen and been told about pregnancies and have seen the evolution of young kids, as nowadays a six year old may be found with an iPad, but never would I have thought that the creation of a child would be possible. I do understand why a set of parents would be willing to take the risk of modifying an embryo if both parties had a risk of bringing multiple serious life threatening risks at the table, but modifying the child just for the child to be “fit” enough in society is inhumane.




Pregnancies should be seen as something beautiful once again. I understand that science wants to get ahead and that scientists are trying to help, but to where is the limit? Healthy is overseen nowadays and we have been given the mindset of “there is medicine to help,” but does one plan on relying on toxics to cure a child?, after all, “Childbirth symbolizes the historical and cultural definition of a human’s essence,” (pg XIII – intro).

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  1. Yes, Patty, I agree with everything you say. Expecting couples are modifying their children before and after birth. I do think it is inhumane because the parents are changing their child’s life just because of societies standards. To me, this says that these parents care more about ‘fitting in’ than about their child. I remember in 7th-grade science, we read something about science getting closer to being able to decide a child’s eye color before birth. I was completely against this because we are altering the lives of babies and fetuses because we can’t accept them as who they would be. I think this type of human modification shouldn’t be endorsed because it’s just not right. -Celeste O.

    1. Celeste O,
      I am glad you agree with me! I do recall 7th grade science and being told about the change in eye color! Looking back at it, I do remember being fascinated by the idea, but two years later, I have realized how blinded I was of knowledge, and by that I refer to not being very well aware of the advancement of technology in the science field/pregnancies. All though I think it is pretty fascinating, I believe many people will abuse of the idea of being able to create an ideal child and bring even more risks to the table if not just about the same if not creating and designing a child. I think genes are amazing and we shouldn’t mess with them. Let things be and let the beauty of creating a child, with no modifications, stay.

      -Pattie A.

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