Get Me Out & Into Summer Reading-Claudia L.

If there were 3 words to describe me, Claudia Luong, they would be, loud, energetic, and determined. Whenever I want something, I have to get it. My main goal is to be successful. Whether that is a business owner or a biomedical engineer. As a child, I always pictured myself in a lab coat. I dressed up as a scientist one halloween and a doctor the next. I am hoping that my 5 year old self knew what she wanted to be, for sure, because I made working in the medical field a goal. I was never influenced on the medical field, but I’ve always been the odd ball in the family. I want to be part of the 30 percent of women in the medical field, according to a medical student.


I am excited to read and blog about the history of childhood over the next 2-3 months in Get Me Out.

*didn’t have access to internet May 28th-June 6th, and struggled with adding myself to star path design.

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