Wake Up -Truc

Wake Up! Rise and shine everyone, summer is in four days.

Biomed this year was great, I enjoy every moment of it. Yes, even the stress from tests and quizzes. I’m happy that I was able to learn a lot about the human body and its functions. It was really interesting to learn about the different diseases and conditions that many people are affected. I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t go deep into different kind of medicines and medications. I hope that we will cover that soon in the future.

This summer I’m excited to read Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and Get Me Out by Randi Hutter. I confess, I’m not a fan of nonfiction, so

Get Me Out

hopefully, these two books won’t disappoint me. I’m always curious about pregnancy, I only know that it is very painfully and that it is a struggle to carry a baby for nine months. I don’t wish to have a baby anytime soon. I’m actually afraid to have any baby in future. I planning to adopt when I’m older. I’m also eager to learn about the history of childbirth and the story of Garden of Eden. I’m a Buddhist so I don’t know much about the Christianity and their myth. So reading this book will be very interesting. Be prepare, I might write a  lot in future blog posts.


Beside woman pregnancy, I also would like to look into male pregnancy too. Is it possible for a male to get pregnant? Or it is just a myth? I have so many questions. What’s your opinion on this?



A/N: The feature picture is Jin from BTS. He cosplays as a doctor in the song dope. Isn’t this cute?

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  1. Yes, Truc! You and I both enjoyed Biomed despite the struggles and stress we endured. I especially enjoyed taking blood pressure and performing an EKG because it made me feel like a doctor. I too am excited to read the two summer reading books, especially “Get Me Out” because I am very interested not just in childbirth but in how thoughts of childbirth have evolved over the years. Truc what do you think was your favorite part of Biomed this year? -Celeste O.

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