Get me into Summer Reading – Crystal R.

Hello, my name is Crystal Romero and I am currently a freshman in Principles of Biomedical Science. As this year is closely coming to an end, I get more excited about becoming a sophomore and the new challenges the next school year will bring. I am especially excited to start a new year in Biomedical Science, since we will expand our knowledge even more with a ton of new information. I am ready to face new challenges and work hard, even during stressful times.

I hope to learn lots of new things in biomed this upcoming school year. As I look up to my sister and her husband who are full-time dentists and my sister studying to become an Emergency Medical Technician, or EMT, I hope to do great things like them in the medical field. I am interested in going into the medical field because I think it’s interesting and surprising how our bodies work and the factors that contribute to a healthy body, as well as the factors that contribute to an unhealthy body and the different types of sicknesses.

Being in the biomed pathway has allowed me to grow my knowledge about subjects that are important and useful. That being said, I also want to pursue a career in the medical field because I want to be able to help somebody in need as a doctor; or whatever  career I end up choosing. This is also one of the reasons as to why I am excited for the biomed summer reading project. During the summer, the biomed class is reading a book called Get Me Out: History of Childbirth from the Garden of Edeth to the Sperm Bank by Randi Hutter Epstein.

Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein

As I was reading about this book, I thought it was very interesting and it grabbed my attention. I’m sure that this book has a lot to teach me about pregnancy and the risks it could have on the mother and the newborn. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on that book and begin my summer reading, along with sharing thoughts with my classmates.

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