Get Me In…This Class! -Hope

Hey Bio Med students, 
My name is Hope Calderon, I am 15 years old and currently a freshman. I love to play volleyball, read, listen to music, write short stories and poems and swim (even thought I can only doggy paddle). You might know me as that girl who is way too loud, or laughs way to much or who is always freaking out about the next bio med test.  

 I thought that Bio Med was going to be a small fun and easy pathway, but it was everything but and that’s a good thing. This class has challenged me so much, made me a better thinker and has forced me to think outside of the box and be creative. 

Over the summer I am very eager to start our summer reading project! Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein is a book about the evolution of pregnancy and how it has changed over the course of hundreds and thousands of years. I am very excited to learn about the process of being pregnant, and what it does to the body.  

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