Get Me Out… of School! -Kayla Z.

Hello everyone! I’m Kayla Zinsmeyer and I am so excited for this upcoming year in the biomedical pathway. Even before the official 2016-2017 school year starts, we are kicking off the start of the course with a bang by reading Get Me Out- a History of Childbirth by Randi Hutter Epstein.  Hopefully, reading and analyzing this interesting and rather amazing tale of the history of childbirth during summer break will not only prepare me for the upcoming semester, but also allow me to have a greater appreciation of the women who came before me and all the amazing medical advancements that have been made.



Of course, I’m not so boring that all I do over summer break is do assignments for school. On the contrary, this summer I have plans for several backpacking, kayaking, and horseback trips in places such as islands in Southern California

Bluebonnet Bear
My dog, Bear. Photo courtesy of Claire N, my stepsister

and West Texas. When I’m not taking a vacation I would instead be reading, drawing or playing with my dog, Bear.

I’m looking forward to reading
Get Me Out,  and even more excited to share my thoughts about it with everyone!

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